Wednesday, October 27, 2004


a slim jim #4 with cheese.

(and i swear i'm not obsessed!)

Sunday, October 24, 2004

sweet dreams

i've been told that when you dream your spirit is unrestrained and gets to go where ever it pleases. i have been having the best dreams lately. first i had a dream where i got to run four miles. i must be my father's daughter because of lately all i want to do is run, run, run. [but i can't go running because there is no place to do this. i blame the people on the highway* that don't like to move over when they see you walking on the side] you wouldn't believe how happy {and sore for some random-craziness reason) i was when i woke up from this dream.

my second best dream had nothing to do with running but everything to do with amia. i was playing with her and was worried that she wouldn't like me because she didn't know me and was afraid she wouldn't like me. much to my relief she liked me and surprised me with all her talking. not only was she the funniest baby ever, she was the funniest person ever. she had me cracking up at everything she said. she was very sarcastic. at some points she was so sarcastic that i thought, "maybe this isn't amia and it's just me as a kid." it was a delightful dream. i love dreaming or more like i love when my spirit gets to be unrestrained.

*this is not your average highway. in fact in illinois we would call this a road where people go up to 80 on, like route 47 or something. but this is the lowland and here they call it a highway.


Joyful, joyful
Lord we adore Thee
God of Glory, Lord of Love
Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee
Clearly as the sun above
Melt the clouds of sin and sadness
Drive the dark of doubt away
Giver of immortal gladness
Fill us with the light
Fill us with the light
Oh fill us with the light of day

Thursday, October 21, 2004

And Mr. January for the 2005 South Carolina African American Heritage Calendar is...

Mr. Louis G. Gregory.

On Thursday we got all dressed up and went to Columbia for the unveiling of the Bell South 2005 South Carolina African American Heritage Calendar. It was nice to go somewhere. It was like getting to go on a field trip in High School where you get to dress up. I think I like getting ready for a big event more than the actual event. That's why I didn't really care if I went to dances, because I would always help my friends find dresses, find shoes, pick a hair style, get make-up, and put it all together. I could be content with being a personal shopper. Oh man, I just thought about it and I would LOve that job. If you look at the pictures of my family at some wedding or an event like that, you would see me pouting because of the one fact that I hated dressing up. The only time I can remember liking it growing up was when I was like two or three and I was getting ready for our families (one and only) professional portrait. I loved my dress. I can still remember putting it on the downstairs bathroom in the Aurora house. I remember I put it on like it was a t-shirt without un-zipping it and my head got stuck. It felt like forever before my mom showed up, I mean I was screaming as loud as I could. How could she not rush to her screamingbloodymurder child? Oh that's right because I tended to scream like that every time I cried. But once I had the dress on right I was happy and excited the EXACT opposite of my dear sister Sara (if I had a scanner this would be the time I would post the picture for you all to see). Every other time after that when I had to get dressed up I hated it. I never liked what my mom picked out for me and what I had to wear. In fact I disliked my clothes so much that every time some random kind person gave me a penny [my dad usually gave me one but if he didn't I felt guilty asking for one]to throw in the fountain at the House of Worship, I would always wish for a new dress. This also upset me, because I felt that wishing for a dress was a big waste of a wish. So now that I have gotten way off subject...Louis G. Gregory [I'm at the Louis G.Greogory Institute by the way for those who don't know] was honored with the month of January [the best month] for the Bell South South Carolina African American Heritage Calendar. They gave his bio in front of the whole audience of one thousand and it was exciting to be there for it. Not to mention it was so late on our way back we stopped at IHOP were I got the banana nut pancakes without the nuts and they were mmm....mmm...DELICIOUS!

p.p. Suzanne and Husayn [and Amia] you guys can TiVo your lives any time during the three weeks I'm home. I'll take Amia any day, any time! Including midnight!

Sleep with all the lights on.
You're not so happy.
You're not secure.

Sleep with all the sheets off
Bearing your mattress
Bearing your soul.
And you're dying to look smooth with your tattoos
But you're searching just like everyone
Could be anyone.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Oh Happy Day!

i would first off like to say that i am in love...with every baha'i in orlando, flordia! you see they planned a winter gathering that mr. and mrs. collins (the administrators) really want to attend but they can't leave me here alone for a week. so because of all those wonderful baha'is in orlando at appoximately 2:29 14 december 2004 i will be seeing the chicago skyline and by 2:35 will be IN chicago for THREE weeks. not one, not two, but for THREE weeks. oh happy day. i think i might cry out of pure joy. exuse me.

know what else happened today? after it rained it cooled down instead of heating up. and oh my goodness it feels like fall! i even saw a tree with some red leaves. i'm going to go back to my trailer and listen to dashboard, put on a scarf, and enjoy a cup of chai. mmm...chai. chai makes my tastebuds happy and my heart smile. do you know what else makes my heart smile? THREE weeks! i'm so excited i could go pack right now. sorry about this overhappygushiness but you have no idea how much i miss being home. oh and i'm making a rule, while i'm home no one is aloud to leave the state. sorry that's just the way it is.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Thanks for stoppin' by, guys. Thanks for breakin' my cowlamp.

so you know how when you read that i did the jazz show for radio baha'i and you thought to yourself, "hmmm...i don't see anya having a radio personality." yeah, when you were thinking that you were right. what i'm saying is i'm not so good at the whole on-air radio stuff. when the mic goes on i get this pretend happy voice (that, by the way, is that most annoy voice in the world). i don't know what to do. i have no control over it. then i tried not to have that annoying "happy voice" and i sounded depressed. at first i was thinking maybe i'm not that bad and i'm just making it up in my head. but then the adminstators (mr. and mrs. collins) and i were sitting in the car waiting for something and they confirmed that i indeed "need to work on my vocals." it was funny because they were trying to be all gentle and i was thinking, "yeah i know. i have no radio personality. no hurt feelings, it's just the way it is." now i'm all, "dang it! why can't i have a radio personality?" but it's all good, because i have a plan. you see as of right now there are no open slots. soooo, when the new person comes i'll just kindly offer up my slot to him. see aren't i so nice to give up my air time so that someone else can have a go with it. but what to do until then...i have no idea. do you have ideas? (hint: this is where you leave funny comments of what i should say) i'm creative with markers, not my voice.

yesterday ernest (the person who runs the radio station) called to me from his office, "OHhhhh, anyaaa!! i have a little task for you! now, you have been in this room before..."

dang it i don't want to clean the bathrooms...not the urnial again. i hate cleaning that darn urnial. i hate urnials. (i mean i don't use them, but i just hate them okay.)

"wanna try to organize the tape and cd room?"

i was in that room last week screening music and ever since i was debating asking him if i could organize it. i never realized how much i like to organize, but oh boy i love it. i actually had to make myself walk away last night. and the only way i was able to make myself was by telling myself, "now anya if you don't stop now there won't be any more to do tommorrow."

okay i have had a blog for awhile now, but still i can't end them properly. how do you people do it so well? grrrrrr. (yes, i'm being immature (see karen i'm not growing up!) i'm growling at you)

bless you. dream of sheep.



Wednesday, October 06, 2004

thanks for breaking my cow lamp guys.

i have a headache and the cd i'm screening is not helping. this cd (that is on it's last song, Thank God!)is by William Gerald. William Gerald by the way likes to play a piano. a piano that looks like a baby grand. but, no, it is not a classical piano. it is electric. oh william gerald, please if you make any money off this cd please!, please buy a real piano. they just sounds so much better.

i think i have a new favorite show to watch. if you like buffy then chances are you will like this, because it has the same sort of format minus the super-human powers. it's called veronica mars. i saw the first two shows last night and i'm pretty sure i'm hooked.

today it feels like fall. do you know what happens during the fall here? the snakes start going into hibernation! that is, by far, the best thing i have heard all day.

Friday, October 01, 2004

E.T. go home!

after a month of hearing my own voice i figured out my weird way of talking. my tongue is lazy. it likes to play this game with me where it relaxes and refuses to make the proper movement to allow the right sound to come out. it's like my eyes see unfamiliar words and my tongue senses the slight hesitation and decides to give up, doing every thing in its power not to allow the right sound to come out. everything in its power, that is, by relaxing and pretending as though i'm not trying to talk. and, as i have found out, my tongue really, REALLY hates u's.

i blame the concussion.

i called home yesterday to get my grandma's phone number. daniel (my brother) picked up and said that neither mom or dad weren't home. "okay then can you do me a favor and look up grandma's number in the green phone book?" is what i ask. daniel then proceeded to spit out the number like it was his own. "how do you know that?!" i exclaim (see the exclamation mark). "anya, she has had the same number forever." then he went on to tell me all about homecoming week. homecoming week was the best four weeks in high school. and obviously if you didn't/don't go to batavia then you have no idea why...or do you?

i got direct t.v. yesterday and do you know what i watched? i, my friends and loved ones, watch the presidential debate. i don't know why, but i think i was thinking, "if i was voting this year who would i vote for?" oh, and do you know what other i watched out of the 120 (yes 120! channels i now have (does louis gregory take care of you or what?)? i watched the nine o'clock news on WGN. it was like i was right back in chicago. guess what else? if, while watching t.v., i have to really really go to the bathroom or someone calls i can pause the program. but no worries i'm not about to become a t.v. junkie, i'm already sick of watching television (not to mention i can tape programs too).

i need a haircut.

i need to go watch my, now daily, taped oprah. yes! i love oprah.