Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Feeling it.

Sasha (as I am biting into a left over piece of a green bell pepper): why are you eating a jalapeƱo?

Me (confused): This isn’--- !!!!

Two minutes later, while soaking my lips in milk and sucking on bread…

Me: I feel like I have kissed hell.

and now for a two second update:

ruhi in the woods equals life altering?

thus far i have laughed so hard my back hurt, found my twin, married, and now know what faith means. it's only been one weeks, but i can already answer that question...yes, in a very very good way.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Working on.

and a quick shout-out: happy anniversary mom and dad!

Monday, June 05, 2006

i love my merkels forever and for always.

vahid: no, anya! don't turn off the light. i know i'm bigger than tana and xcy, but they share a room and don't have to sleep by themselves. i don't have anyone to talk to, just bob the builder. hey! why don't you sleep in the bottom bunk tonight!

vahid (one hour later): goodnight anya!

vahid (another hour later): okay, just one more question...

vahid (half an hour after that): what about yellow annnndddd.......green?

vahid (half an hour aftert that): what about 3 blues and 100 oranges?


tah: bye-bye xcy, i love you!
xcyden: i wuv you!
tah: who do you love?
xcyden (looking up from her plate at me, grins and points): anya!


katana: ohhh, so baby amia grew up and became your dad!?!!


vahid (while pulling into dairy queen): anya, this is really nice!
me: no, vahid you're really nice.
vahid (after thinking about it): hey! i AM really nice!
mady: wow, vahid you're real modest.
vahid: no, mady anya's just being honest.

happy birthday sara!!! turning 28 must be fun!