Monday, March 17, 2008

opps, my bad.

anybody wanna a pair of shoes?

after a weird moment in the car i turned left and ended up at DSW wear i found these delicious purple shoes (picture below...70 freaking percent off!). in all honesty i shouldn't have bought them because well, i no longer work at the buck of stars and thus only have money for food. but my feet have been seriously abused and when i put on the purple goddesses my feet glowed of happiness, so in a way i had to get them.

anyways, as it happened to turn out i also found a pair of brown all-star converse for 70 freaking percent off only to realize that they were a size 10 in men's after i had already stitched on them. so i'm giving them away. anybody want? they are a size 10 in men's (that converts to an 11 in women's) and if you like the stitching i would love to add more, but if not that's cool too. i just want to find someone to give them to. don't forget that Naw-Ruz (the Baha'i new year) is on friday. they could make a nifty gift....

Sunday, March 16, 2008


the definition, by what we mean when we say society

comes from the generalization we see from the lives

portrayed on t.v.

but what’s really going on in our society?

I see mothers driven to insanity

overwhelmed by their responsibilities

left upon them from a lack of community

i see children turning to drugs

to escape the pain of our

fucked up reality

I see the rage of the

“Right of the Individual”

messing with our nobility

can’t you see?

“We are flowers of one garden,

Leaves of one tree,

Waves of one ocean” *

the human body is our

community and our cancer

is our society

we are dying forgetting our own equality.

so come with me, stand up

take hold of your identity,

become a conscious member of humanity

and help me

i’ll bring what i see, and

you bring what you see and

together let’s change our reality.

together, let’s redefine our society.

*quote taken from the Writings of Baha’u’llah.