Sunday, December 26, 2004

An Onion's Promise

I, Anya Christine Mitchell, promise to post again when I get back to South Carolina.

I promise.

Friday, December 10, 2004

five day warning ....FIVE DAYS!!

THIS is the hottest december i have ever experienced and THIS is what i plan to do while i'm home (in no specific order):

-cry (respectfully) each time a see a parent or sibling
-get drunk off eggnog and coke (and by drunk i mean drinking a lot of it)
-see ocean's 12 with sara and the luxions (and whoever else)
-get together with lucy
-have a movie night with karen and riane
-see a basketball game
-talk about basketball and such things around the nilles' dinner table
-eat taco bell for lunch
-drink cold chai
-edit/make "The Wait: Moments Before We All Met Amia Carmen."
-take long walks with raizan EVERYday
-go paint shopping with matthew
-make birthday list
-have birthday party with the WHOLE family on CHRISTMAS EVE
-paint/decorate matthew's room
-eat east china inn
-plant a tree
-have some el taco grande
-try to design a cover for the Baha'i Youth Corp
-figure out how to make a secret something something for a sister that is getting married
-go to katie and nathans wedding (i mean i have to at least make an appearance....hahaha i'm KIDDING katie!!!!)
-convince myself to get back on a plane
-play in the snow
-have hot chocolate with whipped cream
-play eurcher
-wear my winter coat with scarves and gloves and a hat, not just because i want to but because i need to (i'm a winter baby can you tell?)
-go to chicago to skate, shop, walk, and possibly eat at cheesecake factory
-play with vahid and katana!!

Take me home
Take me home and leave me there