Monday, December 31, 2007

i have a friend named anna

her voice takes my heart places and sends vibrations
through my soul.

(i hope you don't mind i put this up anna joon!)

Monday, December 10, 2007


first off, i am alive! surprise! second, not only am i alive i do have a blog that i post on...possibly not often but it's here and believe it or not i know it's here. and now, onto what got me to actually post something. on friday, my mom and i headed up to the north shore for grandparent and special friends day at amia's montesorri school. as i watched her explore whatever she felt like exploring i thought to myself, "man! i wish i got to go to a montessori school." i had this feeling that if i had i'd would have been a lot happier with my education and not so caught up in societal standards of who i should be. but then after/while going through and clearing connections, loyalties and fears of burdens i carried for other people, feelings i had about school, emotions i have with finances, shyness, my self-consiousness, and a poisonous idea of relationships (a lot of heavy stuff i've been holding onto) the idea hit me, "i still can have a montesorri education; i can explore anything that i want to explore!" and ever since then possible situations and opportunities have been falling into my lap. and really these opportunities have always been there, i just wasn't able to see them in the realm of an actual option for me. it's like suddenly i see these things as conformations to guide me and what a beautiful way to see!

here are a few explorations that i have come upon recently (where there are so many connection to the connections that i feel like i have to follow up on them):

1) printmaking

2) travel around china for the summer or maybe just visit hong kong (though, this exploration is dwindling with thoughts of fear..i'm still looking into it)

3) and upon looking at photos taken by my grandpa from puerto rico (like the one's a six legged ox!!) i'm pretty certain that someday i'm going to have to make my way down south, where life seems to run in more simple manner.

yay, for change! and hooray for feeling very happy and very free!