Monday, July 28, 2008


as husayn cut away suzanne's, matt's and my dad's hair this past week i'm feeling like my hair is heavy and with this humid weather anything that feels weighty on your body must go. so i'm thinking of going shorter, shorter than i have ever gone. problems i forsee with this approach is my very round face, but i think i'm willing to take a risk. hair grows back and i'm not the one who has to look at my head the most. the following are some cuts i'm drawn to, and then a sloppy photoshop version of what they may (or probably won't) look like.

what do you think, is this a summer adventure i should pursue?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

their "destiny"

unable to accept the change, he turns to walk away. tears burn as she holds onto loyalties of shame. out of desperation (and utter forgetfulness) she reveals her true self and with two words she expresses all her needs, "please stay."

he turns, and walks away.

the sky breaks in sync with the tare of her pain. and as she listens to the earth's anger she starts to believe she is the only one to blame. by morning the rain begins to stop, and the pit-pat-patters whisper, "only your faith in God is what matters."

Saturday, July 12, 2008

so you think you can dance..or fall in love without us noticing

is it just me or is there a little something, something going on between cat and thayne?

cat seems pretty nuzzily and protective ("well, if you feel like they are a little better than good or amazing! or AWESOME!!!!!! vote for thayne (my secret lover) and comfort". i dunno that's just what i'm getting, anybody else picking up on it?