Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let me poll you...

so one of my projects for my online class on the history of photography class is the ask people five random questions about photography. i am very happy that they get to be random, for i like randomness and it makes it much more fun for me! i have decided to poll you, dear reader and here are my questions for you, answer away!

1) do you prefer to take pictures of people, places or things?

2) would you rather take photos digitally or the old way with film?

3) which would you prefer: looking at pictures in a museum or flickr?

4) do you agree, that this is one of the most beautifully gorgeous pictures you have seen in a long time?

5) do you hold your breath while taken pictures, secretly believing the old myth (or so they say) that pictures take a bit of your soul away?

working on

let the focus shift. let the view change. see the world differently, on a whole 'nother plane. let go what you know and let the new come in. see things the way they are and not the same old, same old thing. the only thing constant in this world is change, so let. it. on. in!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

what i like about me

1) i like to hold you tight; up, down, jump around and make you feel all right
2) i like my killer sense of direction; i don't know what it is but i know how to get places
3) i like that i'm an observer of the world. i love the way everything is so interconnected and the interactions between people, colors, designs, pattern and everything...i love it all!
4) i like that i come from a big family and that i have sisters who marry awesome fella's and have me some amazing nieces
5) i like that i like to really listen to people and what's going on in their lives and help them out...i love, love, love stories about other people's lives.
6) i like that i adapt easily to situations and surroundings, it makes me flexible and able to enjoy everything and everyone around me...and life in general
7) i like that i'm open minded and have the strength to believe in what i find to be true
8) i like that i'm engaged.
9) i like that people constantly make me laugh (especially people who are just themselves, they make me so happy i easily fall in love with them) i also like that i fall in love with people for who they are.
10) i like that i'm a stinker and that i've confused everyone with #8...i wish i could have seen you're reactions.

so some of you awsomelicious people have already been tagged, but have yet to post, so i shall tag you again...anna
, katy, nathan, jessica,and the n-trizzle

Sunday, September 09, 2007


He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.
Psalm 91:11

apparently, i'm all about not letting people help me and i'm not exactly sure why. when i called my sister katie, she left me speechless my answering, "Whatdaya mean you won't let anyone help you!?" then this morning my mom walked in said, "look anya, here is a book for you." it was called My Father's Angels and the Psalm from above was in the front cover. Though, it is not at all funny that i'm not letting people help me, i think it is quite funny that i have become (or at least i think i have) just as frustrated at myself as those who are trying to help me are.

gosh, darn it anya! get it together!