Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When the food starts to get better

that's right, i made tadiq...and i didn't burn it!! well okay the slightly burnt side is conveniently hidden on the other side of the plate, but, i mean, look at that beautiful plate of rice! you should have seen me taking pictures of it. i pretty much filled my camera with pictures as though it was my first born. i'm eating it right now (and who knew first borns were so tasty!) mmm...i'm so happy, i love persian food!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

on growing up...

my sister liza can be caught, many times, saying how old she is or how old she feels, and today i finally am able to relate to her blasphemy. for the first time, i feel old. this week i moved into my new apartment. neither of my roommates have moved in yet, so there is no one around to check on me or to make decisions with, and for the first time feel fully responsible for myself and my well-being.

and it's scary.

and the foods not all that great either*.

fantasy is what people want
but reality is what they need...

...what are we going to do now
where are we going to go now
what are we going to say now

*suzanne and husayn know how to feed people, let me tell you

Friday, August 18, 2006

In God let the trusting trust...

'Abdu'l-Baha stated:

"It is extremely difficult to teach the individual and refine his character once puberty is passed. By then, as experience hath shown, even if every effort be effort be exerted to modify some tendency of his, it all availeth nothing. He may, perhaps, improve somewhat today; but let a few days pass and he forgetteth, and turneth backward to his habitual condition and accustomed ways."

Extremely difficult does not mean impossible. (yay!)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

i heart portland.

well, portland is amazing. i woke up this morning and saw a mountain. yeah, that's right a mountain. and there are trees, you know...everywhere. portland is kinda covered with them and it's kinda great. then there are the parks. you don't have to go looking for the parks they just find you. first off, just by walking around the neighborhoods you might think that you are already in a park. but if that in it's self is not good enough for you, just start walking around and sooner rather than later you will stumble upon a park (and by the way their 'parks' are more like mini-forest perserves). right now i'm greatful to have grown up in the mid-west, because if i hadn't would i appreciate portland this much? illinois pretty much rocks right now, because it make portland so great.

moral of this post? visit portland; the city where they work.