Tuesday, December 12, 2006

promise made

movies from my film class (by far the best class i had this semester)...

love one (music by common market, pieces of footage from "the scare mitch project" by suzanne)

the animal parade (in-film editing project)

tia anya has a movie for you!
(as seen on husayn's blogger)

comfort (artist piece)

dance party! (that's what i'm talking about...music by taliman)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


so assignment #35 isn't showing up so i'm going to take some brotherly-in-law advice and post it myself. i also noticed that one might not know what my poster says in assingment #10, so i whipped up this diagram in photoshop...hopefully it reads more clearly.

Assignment #35 "Going Anya on ya"

Brent says:
In the morning, Anya, like many, lies in bed. She does so, however,  in a
particularly idiomatic style which... SAYS something. ABOUT something.
Anya's modus operandi is to lie in the carnage of a nightlong battle
recently lost, the victorious entangling bed sheets flung to and fro over
their newly won domain. She lies still, but in a dynamic pose, with
half-closed eyelids, in order to better stay in the bitter, green twilight
between boringly realistic dreams and exotic, dangerous waking life. Then
she gets up. She rubs both of her eyelids with both of her hands; the right
hand rubs counterclockwise, while the left rubs clockwise. Then she
stretches, gets up, and gets cereal. Apple Jacks. The rest of her day is
pretty boring.


Anya's first activity upon waking is to mentally calalouge which
activities she is going to do. This happens while she lies half-awake, while
she gets ready, and while she is in transit. Next, she walks 3 blocks to the
"L" train. She nearly always arrives one full minute before the train does.
Oddly enough, no matter what the day, she always takes the same train at the
same time in the same direction. She might go either to the laundromat, to
class, to the grocery store, or a cafe. She is normally back at her
apartment by 4:00 pm and then settles down to dinner and conversation with
her roomates. She watches whatever the favorite show of the roomate is,
talking through the commercials. She goes to bed by 10:30. Rinse. Lather.
Katie says:

I know Anya pretty well, so I think I have a pretty
good idea of what she does with her time when I say
that she probably spends a good deal of her time
laughing. I mean, I know she's very busy with school
work and teaching children's classes and keeping up
with her family. At the moment she has a sculpture
project due and a film project due, which is keeping
her busy and probably a bit nervous and stressed, but
I can pretty much guarantee that she is laughing while
she's doing it. Most likely, she's making others
laugh as well. The more stressful the situation, the
more it calls for laughter.

and Husayn says:

Anya is an epic figure who uses her free time in ways unimaginable to
the average human. She is all she can be. She just does it. She's the
one who decided to leave off the ketchup. One afternoon she read all
the Harry Potter books and translated them into Latin to just to prove
that it's not dead. She's an army of one because two of her would just
be unfair. In one weekend she mastered the didgeridoo, the kettle drum,
the theremin, and the subtle art of beatboxing to create her first punk
symphony. She is the new black. She's the one who named it the bean.
She's already made an album for every state. Twice. If it wasn't for
her Johnny Depp would be alone, ugly, and living on the street. And
she's the one who inspires all the graffiti. She also goes to school.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Going Anya on ya.

tomorrow i have my first final critique of the semester. and i have to say i had a lot of fun doing this one, even though it was for my stressful drawing class. for the final we had to complete assignments #10, #35 and #50 from this place. (i recently uploaded #35, so it might not be up when you look for it, but look for it! it's a writing piece featuring husayn, katie, AND brent!). along with #10, which is to make a poster about your typical day, we had to expand on that and make a final collage/drawing about it. here is a photo for you visual amusement:

seven. more. days.

(stayed tuned for possible video projects to post)