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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

wave o' babies

what a bad day.

1.) University of Illinois at Chicago doesn't give deferments. in case i completely spelled that wrong....i have to re-appy to U. I. C. oh joy i can't wait!

2.) coldstone, again for the third time, pushed back their training days. what other date did they pick? none other then july 31st. the day of my cousins wedding. just perfect. i had to write my boss remind her of my "vacation" and then remind her that i can only work for a month again for like the fourth time.

3.) i just want to paint. but that cost....more money then i have...which is nothing. i mean to say i have no money. because the job i managed to get this summer is not opening. making it hard to work and make money. i. hate. inflation. (hahah right matt? inflation sucks. hahahaha)

4.) i woke up and realized i forgot to take off my make-up last night. that is just annoying. (what makes it worse is that it was from a party i didn't even want to be at)

5.) i spent two hours downloading music. i only wanted to download the exact number of songs to make one cd. i managed to get a near perfect list of my favorite songs. when i get all done is when i realize. our. computer. does. not. have. a. burner. i don't want to talk about it.

but there has to be at least something good about today?

oh and there is. today is july 20th, 2005.  the day of failure. well okay that's not true because...guess what? i half way finished Thoughts Made Quotes By Karen  featuring Riane and Anya. so really today can't be that bad of a day now can it? happy july 20th!!

"as for now i'm going to sit around and wonder"

Thursday, July 15, 2004

!ahora, yo es una tia!

i was waiting for liza outside in the car while she went into her house to get something. this was when i saw a guy on his bike in the middle of the street. as i watched him coming in the side-view mirror i was tempted to swing open my door just as he passed so i could see him fly through the air. this urge (not to herbal) became stronger with each inch that he got closer.  what is that about? 
while shopping at the new over crowded outlet mall i saw a girl who had just come from soccer practice. i miss playing soccer. seeing her that moment for whatever reason put me in a mood, a bad mood.  what is that about?
 i stopped bitting my nails after i was promised that if my friend ellie and i did then her mom would take us to our third grade teachers wedding (this was in third grade). i stopped my habit but i didn't get to go to her wedding. since last week my nasty habit of bitting my nails returned from its ten year retirement. what is that about?
want to stay for dinner?
wanna stay forever?!

Saturday, July 10, 2004


Margaret Giles called this morning. she was my wake up call. we talked about how bored we were waiting for amia, because we had it all set in our heads that she would be born by now. i. am. so. bored.

(and therefore this entry will be boring because i. am. so. bored.)

things i have to look forward to:

2.) starting work last!
3.) going to michigan for clairbear's wedding (staying at Aunt Susan's cabin)
4.) playing dodge ball kayake
5.) packing to leave for south carolina
6.) leaving for south carolina
7.) being in south carolina (PUT YOUR HANDS UP!)
8.) going to uic next year...ahh maybe if they take me back

questions i may never know the answers to:

1.) what is in pink lemonade?
2.) comfortable equals you have loose morals?
3.) will i be an architech?
4.) will i do what i really want to do and become and interior designer?
5.) will i have jimmy johns for lunch?
6.) will i really go to uic?
7.) will amia start coming today?
8.) will i take a shower today?
9.) am i really entertaining myself by writing in this blog?*
10.) how real are dreams?

second helpings is a good book. i don't care what others say i like it so there. it would be my guilty pleasure except for the fact that i enjoyed it way to much to feel guilty about it.

*yes, yes i am.

Friday, July 09, 2004

i wish i were in Finland

bloody hell. Finland would be nice. Finland where no poetry was aloud. time to face the truth, i'm not going there.

see i miss jack. jack and i had a connection which no one could mess up. well, okay, the grass would occasionaly cause a little fight to break out between us. but those little angry fueds never broke our system completely down, just stalled us for awhile. jack with someone else would take his dear old time. but jack with the dear onionlee would attempt to try. yes he attempted to try! can you believe it. like the cowboy told me i should i feel special that jack was attempting to try and oh boy did i ever. he didn't even stop whenever he wanted. all right he did it once, but that was at the very very end and he was tired of my fat lard on his backside. who could blame him really? hahaha that reminds me of the time a freshman had to give me a piggyback ride for training. she was like 95 ibs and i weight and the whole time i cheered her on with encouraging words like, "I SWEAR I'M GOING ON A DIET SO THIS NEVER NEVER!! HAPPENS AGAIN" it worked too she made it. way to liveSTRONG freshman, way to be.

Thursday, July 08, 2004


welcome to my secret blog. okay, hi riane. only you know about it but i decided to write here anyways. why? i'll tell you why i spent the last three hours trying to figure out a way to post pictures on my xangaaaaaaaa cite. so i created this one in hopes that i could just take the pictures that i post on onionlee and transfer them to theonion. it teased me. at first the picture showed up. then i closed the window and returned to make sure the image was still there wasn't. so as of right now i'm too pissed at my xanga cite to write in it. so there xanga i'm writing in my NEW blog that allows me to POST pictures!!!

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OH BOY! (if you are about randomness)

i have a dream

i have a dream to post pictures on my xanga blog...shhh.