Thursday, September 28, 2006

where i find myself

one long day coupled with a silent moment of loneliness felt late at night while laying in bed staring at pictures of those i love, the solid groud i stand upon--the solid ground i pride upon--softens. usually i panic and run, careful to where my feet touch the ground. i run to the pavement of cynicality, which plays the part of my sanity until my heart eventually comes back to me.

but this time,
this time my still soul stays where it is. and while i watch ten little pigs play in the mud, i wait patiently for the ground to dry.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

the best way to end a week

hands down the best thing about chicago are the free concerts. like tonight for example, the chicago symphony orchestra's free preformance at millennium to kick off the world music festival. it was during Yuan-Qing Yu's violin solo (amazing!!) that i realized the beauty of the orchestra. any place that this orchestra played, anywhere across the world, people of any ethnic background, any age, any gender, any anything would hear the same emotion expressed by the music. then while explaining this idea to a friend i realized that this music is the universal language. my love for orchestra's has quadruplafied.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


you know those awesome roommates i have? well, they are no where to be found. i forgot how architecture consumes peoples entire beings. forget first year all-nighters, this year it has developed into all-weekers. but here is the kicker, the one that hit me so hard that all that was left to do was laugh, then cry and then laugh again. not only have my roomates been in studio each night this week, this morning one of them (while home for two hours, taking a quick nap) took my toothbrush thinking they were doing my other roommate a favor by grabing her toothbrush. way to be considerate...way to steal my toothbrush! if i had known, i wouldn't have eaten an icecream sandwich. fyi: icecream sandwiches leave the teeth feeling a little fuzzy. gross, yet delicious! i can't wait until they get their autoCAD licences and can just work from their laptops from anywhere.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

People I wish I had better memories of

sometimes, especially when i'm tired, i find it hard not to miss people.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

i got a bike! i got a bike! i got a bike! hey, hey, hey, hey!

my original plan was to bike to school with one of my roomies, but financial aid came in and it was mission a few hundreded and a bike was no longer in the budget for this onion. after a long (and multiple) talks with another friend about my no-bike situation (who is waiting for me to get a bike so we can hit up the night riding scene) i decided it was time i detacht myself from getting one. that night i while working on homework what did my roommate find in the back closet? none other than a bike. the wheels were off, the chain was...not right, and there were random (to us at least) screws lying around it. what does my great roommate do? she decides at twelve to start to put it together. you see, my roommate loves bikes. seriously, if a bike is around she has a hard time paying attention to anything else. so the joy that i found that night, was not finding a bike and having an amazing roomie that would fix it for me, but how excited and how happy putting the bike together made her.