Monday, September 22, 2008

i have a dream

that one day people will build and keep the peace through the bad-ass means of justice and stop keeping the piece of their false realities that they hold onto so tightly. then they will finally see themselves and me clearly; we are noble, people, noble beings.

take a step back and take that in. what does that mean? being a noble being to me means that with all my heart, no matter how corny or unimaginable this sounds, i love all of humanity and i strive everyday to serve it the best i can. that means i love you (yes you!) and i try to serve you. i love you unconditionally. are we married? are we family? are we friends? do we talk to each other? do we know each other? none of these titles or what your relation to me is, was, could be matters, i still love you. come on! let's be awesome already and rise to our nobility.

*dedicated to the ms. katy luxion and awesome conversations.

Monday, September 08, 2008

un-learning(shaking the dust)

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gravy pours down my arm. my dad told me, warned me, "hold on carefully." i grasped both ends of the china "so delicate" i thought. it was my duty to carry it from the kitchen to the dinner room table. i walk with both eyes on the gravy until i trip on my grandma's guilt and my grandpa's rotting teeth. i fall, i have a choice to make, either i let of the china and let grace take it's fall or i clutch it ever so tightly, putting it before me and finish falling on my face. time it seems starts to turn slowly, waiting for me to decide. my dad's words are the ones i remember, but i don't think he meant for me to choose the gravy's fate before mine. with eyes wide shut i let go of the china. right hand first (without even thinking). my left hand still clutching, trying to hold the unbalanced weight. hot gravy burns my skin and still consciously i have to tell myself to let it go.

let. it. go.

i cry having to watch it break. i cry, foolishly thinking that it was(is) my job to save her. that my actions could(can) make her decision. forgetting my nobility, playing into false realities, i get stuck within my own susceptibility. but then grace catches me, somewhere between the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end, and teaches me to consciously let my worries go. so the gravy pours down my arm, but i have learned where my trust should(does) lay and that is something i would(should) never give away.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dedicated to things unoticed(unconscious)

dear fellow train-car buddy,

if you had only looked into my eyes you would have seen my heart and then you would have realized i was okay (i am okay) for my connection to God, Baha'u'llah and my spirit are existent (Glory be to God). i was sitting there asking you to simply listen; to help me for a moment hold my words so i could gradually caught my breath and eventually carry the full weight of my words again. for i was on my way to drop them off the mount of detachment, patience and trust where i could walk away satisfied knowing i had done the right thing. But, you, it seemed were lost on the path of regret, pushing me to take the advice you wish you could give yourself and then asking me for directions. i guess in the end we failed each other... but only in the sense of not giving each other what we wanted. for we gave each other what we needed and perhaps a perspective only found through honest reflection.

thank you.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

things i suggest to do

read this book and enjoy it. or really just do something that will fill you up with joy (no matter what it is, go do it now or go and plan to do it sooner rather than later).