Monday, February 08, 2010

randomness of randomness

for the first time i have spring break at the same time as South by Southwest. for the first time i looked up the prices. so close, yet so far.

reunion is life, separation is death

i can't seem to read the signs as clearly as i used to. i recognize but i can't seem to make the connection again and again. maybe it's time just to see and gather and the connection will come later? i hope i'm not being lazy.

time has escaped my mind. actually my whole understand of the universe has been wiped clean. i don't know where that leaves me, but i know it's the best place i've yet to come to.

The most important thing for my heart is to hear and see you guys are finding your way and your standards are high and your Faith is strengthening.......
Love to you.
Ma Ma

it will all come together, it will all come together...that's the whisper that i pretend i am hearing right now.

one day will you be around long enough to hold my hand? one day will we know the answer?

random-ra-ra-randomness, sing it with me.