Friday, October 09, 2009

things that make me happy

day dreaming of having tea with the women who is giving a lecture, finding out a week later that someone else in my class has the same dream, and two hours later the dream coming true. i love what happens when we dare to dream and then step out of the way and allow life to fulfill our dreams.

two weeks ago i went to a lecture entitled, "Eastern Needs and ‘American Desires’; Impact of the open economy to domestic architecture in Sri Lanka" and fell in love with the speaker Anuththaradevi Widyalakara, who from the start of the lecture was fully, entirely and strongly herself. it was so refreshing to go to an lecture where the speaker was naturally themselves and was actually engaging with the audience. i learned so much from her presentation that i sat in my chair wishing that she was my professor and wishing i could sit down, have tea with her and learn more about her life.

yesterday, before taking an art history exam a classmate and i were gushing about how much we enjoyed Anuththaradevi and found out that we had the same dream of sitting down and having tea with her. after the exam, i was wondering around the art history building when lo and behold, Anuththaradevi stepped out a room right in front of me. i could not believe it. i walked up and told her how much i appreciated her lecture and how we wanted to have tea with her. right as i was telling her how we wanted to have tea with her, my classmate appeared out of no where five feet from us. and then all three of us went across the street to have tea. it was crazy and it indeed made my month.

oh and, i like working with my hands. they feel strangely magical at times and this makes me happy.

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anna said...

you have magical hands. it is an undisputed fact among many. yes.